Fora is a multidisciplinary organization founded in 2018 that works with cultural expressions, institutional strategies, and impactful actions in public and digital spaces. Comprised of members with over a decade of experience in their respective fields, Fora operates through the development of art projects, exhibitions, research, publications, digital platforms, and audiovisual productions. They also engage in the critical creation and reformation of cultural organizations and programs across various intersections.

Fora consists of Germano Dushá, Fabricia Ramos, Vivian Gandelsman, Raul Luna, Leticia Rheingantz, Alberto Rheingantz, Christian Proença, Diogo Vianna Araújo; and they are always connected with several other collaborators. Fora has worked with partners and clients such as Flamboyant Shopping, Pinacoteca do Estado de São Paulo, Goethe Institut, BOZAR, Pro Helvetia, Almeida & Dale, Novas Frequências, Pills Nice, Kura, Mendes Wood DM, Badia Nordenstahl Collection, foodculture days, TALES, World of Us, Reud, Galeria Millan, Rádio Itatiaia, Sé Galeria, Galeria Periscópio, Mitre Galeria, Lima Galeria, Casa Zalszupin, and Pace Gallery.

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Created in 2020 as an articulated branch and workshop for digital projects of Fora, Genesys conceives, develops, and executes cultural vectors in experimental formats. Each work of Genesys is conceived in a laboratory-like manner and executed with a comprehensive approach that traverses multiple perspectives, resources, and disciplines to collectively produce neoteric information.