Actions & Imaginations


Actions & Imaginations2018-2020
Ações & imaginações was a multidisciplinary online journal developed on its own digital platform. Its main objective is to address global themes from local perspectives, focusing on organizations, flows, and affections within cities, public spaces, and everyday life. With a critical and diverse approach, the program commissioned original creations in the form of art, essays, journalism, and urban devices.

Implemented by

Adriana de Aruanda with Manuela Rached Pereira, Adriano Sampaio with Alex Tarja, Alana Moraes, Alberto Rheingantz, Ana Matheus Abbade, Andrea Barbosa, Carolina Nakagawa, Christian Dunker, Desenrola E Não Me Enrola, Diego Crux and Gian Spina, Germano Dushá, Guilherme Wisnik, Hélio Menezes, Marcelo Mudou, Marcos Cezar de Freitas, Maria Luiza Floriano, Maria Noujaim, Nina Botkay, Rafael RG, Raphael Escobar, Suely Rolnik, Tony Hara, Traplev, Uma Reis Sorrequia

Coordination, editing, and texts
Germano Dushá; Fabricia Ramos; Ramon Brandão

Videography and editing
Leticia Rheingantz

General assistance
Manuela Rached Pereira

Graphic design
Raul Luna; Frederico Dietzsch

Web development
Diogo Vianna

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