From the forest's ashes


From the forest's ashes2021
The project consisted of developing the digital platform and offering artists support for Chapter 2 of the "foodculture days" biennial in 2020/2021, which took place in Vevey, Switzerland. The biennial aims to connect artistic expressions with issues related to food, nutrition, and cultivation. Due to the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic, the event was divided into two chapters and held in a hybrid format, with both in-person and exclusively digital components. The digital platform served as an exhibition medium for the works of 18 participants, with special emphasis on two hypermedia projects created in collaboration with the artists: "When the Matter is Gone" by Iagor Peres and "Headwaters" by the collective The Soft Protest Digest.

foodculture days

Germano Dushá; Pedro Jardim; Fabricia Ramos 

Artist support
Germano Dushá; Fabricia Ramos

Graphic design
Raul Luna

3D objects
Kristina Bekker

Web development
Guilherme Gallo, Diogo Vianna Araújo, Dylson Valente

Media management
Marcelo Mudou

Bruna Cabeço, Gabriela Cara

Project platform
Iagor Peres - When the matter is gone
The Soft Protest Digest - Headwaters