HerMaP Art Projects


HerMaP Art Projects2019-2022
Digital platform development for HerMap Art Projects residency in a hybrid context of online participation and restricted in-person activities, due to the COVID-19 pandemic. The program proposed cultural dialogues between Iran and Europe and was structured in two phases between 2019 and 2022. For both phases, Fora provided creative support and technical assistance to develop each artist's project for the digital environment. In the first phase, 12 artists collaborated with local agents to reflect upon Iran's industrial heritage and living archives to develop seven original works. As a culmination of the project, a physical exhibition showcasing the projects was held at the BOZAR Cultural Center in Brussels. During the second phase, 14 artists delved into Iran's intangible heritage, particularly focusing on poetry and musical expressions, developing 10 new artworks.

Implemented by
Goethe-Institut, The Centre For Fine Arts Brussels – BOZAR, European Commission, The Heritage Management Organization – HERITAGE

Project by
Fora, newkinco

[Phase 1] Abel Korinsky & Orhan Kavrakoglu, Alice Pedroletti & Andrea Familari, Aron Rossman-Kiss, Arya Arabshahi & Love Di Marco, Ehsan Hemat, Goda Palekaitė & Sina Seifee, Saba Ghorbanalinejad & Timothée Gauvin; [Phase 2] Annamarie Ignarro & Ehsan Yadollahi, Jérôme Bertier & Mostafa Taleb, Maxime Coton, Mehrali Razaghmanesh, Niknaz Mirghalami, Khamoosh Community, Rouzbeh Esfandarmaz, Roya Bockhorst, Yalda Yazdani & Christoph Wieland, Yassaman Khajeh

Germano Dushá, Pedro Jardim, Fabricia Ramos

Artist support and content management
Germano Dushá, Fabricia Ramos

Graphic Design
Raul Luna

Expography (BOZAR Exhibition)
Alberto Rheingantz

Web development
Guilherme Gallo, Diogo Vianna Araújo, Dylson Valente, Juan Luna, João Vitor Otavio, Marcela Mancino, Adriano Grego Neves, Andréa Jainy de Souza, Mário Kawakita

Media management
Marcelo Mudou

Bruna Cabeço, Gabriela Cara

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Exhibition at BOZAR (Belgium)