Periscópio 5 Years


Periscópio 5 Years2021
Editorial coordination, graphic design, and production of the commemorative book of the Periscópio gallery's five-year anniversary, as an archive of its activities in Belo Horizonte (MG) between 2015 and 2020. The book registers and revisits the 28 exhibitions held during this period, showcasing the work of 90 artists and other agents. The work also included the development of a simple website that offers the free download of the publication and the audio description of its general text and essays. The project was done with the support of Brazil's Federal Law for Cultural Incentives.

Project by
Galeria Periscópio

Supported by
Secretária Especial da Cultura
Ministério do Turismo

Sponsored by
Agropel; Nova Catalão, Tecar Fiat

Printed by
RONA Editora

Executive production

General coordination
Germano Dushá

Editorial coordination
Fabricia Ramos; Germano Dushá

Graphic design
Raul Luna

Media management and graphic finishing
Marcelo Mudou

Bruna Cabeço; Julia Costa

Fabricia Ramos; Patricia Porto

Text preparation
Sandra Brazil

Web development
Marcela Mancino; Adriano Grego Neves; Andréa Jainy de Souza

Visit the website and access the publication